12 de dezembro de 2010


While my wings don't fly and your face does not disappear those dark days, clear nights keep the encroaching salt on my face, easy for you. Did you followed as if we had not loved a dream. I don't want to feel the sorrow and sadness, I don't want feel loneliness is my company, I don't feel that there are no words in your heart that You can give me comfort, dried my tears, give me back my dreams and let me fly again.

Sonya Monteiro Santos

«I make believe, that you are here, it's the only way, I see clear, what have I done? You seem to move on easy, everytime I try to fly, I fall without my wings, I feel so small, I guess I need you baby, and everytime I see you in my dreams, I see your face, you're haunting me, I guess I need you baby, at night I pray, that soon your face, will fade away.»

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